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About Rai Foundation

Rai Foundation is a philanthropic trust, addressing various socio-cultural concerns of India and its people. It aspires to create a milieu fit to live with dignity.

Rai Foundation is an innovative center of higher education in India and a key player in shaping the education ecosystem in the country. We are committed to affirmative action for equity and inclusiveness for all sections of society, especially for women from less privileged backgrounds. Our vision is to provide access to quality education to girls and youth worldwide at the "bottom of the pyramid." While much has been done for those with proven merit and means, little is done worldwide for the unfortunate that were denied access to good quality school education and thus denied entry into a good university for lack of merit. Many of these children, if given equal opportunity would have excelled.

Rai Foundation addresses the needs and aspirations of this segment of society which actually forms the majority of the young, in not just India but in most parts of the developing world. Rai Foundation actively reaches out to such Underprivileged Girls, globally.

The Rai Foundation-DreamZ Scholarship offers totally free higher education at bachelors and masters level, to over 2000 Underprivileged Girls annually from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds from India and 22 countries in Asia, Africa and South America. This diversity creates a truly diverse and culturally sensible educational environment. We also offer a flexible methodology of education in order to empower their diverse talents. Our mission is to provide practical, skill-based & job-oriented education, with a focus on Life Skills-the skills to constantly learn from life and adapt to change.

Rai Foundation supports innovation in education to develop thinking prowess in students at all levels. With this vision, it works with renowned universities worldwide to usher in innovation in Indian higher education and make it accessible to one and all. Through "Discover India" program, Rai Foundation encourages students from Ivy-league Universities like Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford as well as MIT to visit India and experience and learn from its rich diversity. It bears the entire cost of stay, food and local travel expenses of these foreign students visiting India.

Rai Foundation engages with multiple creative platforms to advance the cause of the disadvantaged, as only a holistic and multi-dimensional approach can resolve the many challenges they face at every step. For instance, ALL LADIES LEAGUE helps in placing girl-students in top companies and corporates. When employed and earning, these girls have been found to have a major impact on the way our society thinks about their women apart from helping their siblings in pursuing education, thus perpetuating a positive cycle of change.

Apart from education, Rai Foundation works towards creating a regenerated society that fights for its causes and understands its roots by way of cultivating an informed and updated milieu that is able to think, act, and feel responsibly. The summation is that Rai Foundation is committed to the cause of evolving minds and sensitizing hearts to achieve the goals of:

Focus Areas
Industry aligned education
Professional edge
Finesse of 'Employability'
Empathy for societal causes and concerns

Focus Areas
Equity and inclusiveness for all sections of society, especially for women from less privileged backgrounds Access to quality education to girls and youth worldwide

Focus Areas
Protection of women's and children's rights Free health check up and blood donation camps across India Tie ups with various hospitals to make available medical facilities at highly subsidized rates

Focus Areas
Preservation of heritage of India To shape policy issues in the public domain through responsible policy analysis To set up vision and agenda in all walks of life for the next 50 years Reformation in youth related issues Analysis and discussions about various industry and life related issues

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Rai Foundation Contact Details
SPACE CITY, B-II/1, MCIE, Mathura Road, Near Badarpur Metro Station, New Delhi-110044, India, Phone: 011-41676794, Fax: 011-41676795, Email: info@raifoundation.org, Website: www.raifoundation.org

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